Right now we are working on finishing the English subtitles for Tin Can. This involves a rather cumbersome process of inching through the film a bit at a time and typing each line of dialogue or audio cue, oftentimes going back two or three times to verify the content and placement. It’s not what we would describe as the most entertaining part of the process but it’s important for equal access and is one of the final steps we have to do, so we press forward.

We hope to arrange translations of the subtitles into German and French, at least, when the English version is finished. We are also talking with some Mandarin-speaking friends to see if we can finagle a Chinese version. Spanish would be great as well – if anyone has any contacts who might be interested in translating our subtitles from English into Spanish (or any other language) for a credit in the film, please drop us a line!

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