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Margot Harrison, esteemed Associate Editor at 7Days, profiled our film in the latest issue, which came out today.

In fall 2009, a one-car garage in Milton blasted off, bound for Mars.

Well, not exactly. The garage, belonging to writer-star-composer-editor-producer Stephen J. Maas, played a starring role in Tin Can, a local feature film about an ill-fated Mars mission. It became the detailed spaceship set where Maas, director Logan Howe, and their small cast and crew shot most of the close-quarters psychological drama…

Margot joined us at our final test screening of the film and we are very grateful and humbled by her attentive take on the film, particularly the part where she draws a connection to two films which held great inspiration for our vision:

While the ultra-low-budget film isn’t quite on the same level as claustrophobic science-fiction flicks such as Duncan Jones’ Moon and Danny Boyle’s Sunshine, it recalls them in its tense, low-key performances and convincing environment.

I literally studied Sunshine in order to make Tin Can.  Logan and I both clamored to see Moon when it showed at the Roxy.  I am awed that our film is featured in the same sentence as those marvelous works of art, especially in a sentence written by someone who didn’t already know about our obsession with them.  Having an outside observer watch our film and draw that particular connection makes me feel like so many of my goals have been accomplished.  She got it.

Click here to read the full article on the 7Days website.

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