Prying Open “Tin Can” – Full-Length Review

Writer and radio host John Walters has posted a full-length review of Tin Can on his website.  Some excerpts:

If you were going to make a low-budget movie, you might not think of science fiction as the most promising genre. But Stephen Maas saw it another way: “I was interested in telling a story that took place in as few locations as possible, because we had no money.”

So, how about the interior of a spaceship? And a story that focuses on the human hardships of a mission gone badly wrong? Well, that’s Tin Can, a full-length film made by a small group of Vermonters. And despite its minuscule budget, Tin Can is a compelling story that’s very well told…

…I’d advise you to be on the lookout for Tin Can. I’d like to see it again myself, this time on the big screen of a theater instead of a TV set at home. I imagine the intensity would only be that much greater…

Read the full review, complete with photos, HERE.

And a great big thank-you to John for the kind words!

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