Into the Future

What you are about to see is a project three years in the making.

For nearly a year, we devoted all of the free time and resources that we could manage to building a movie set in a one-car garage in Vermont.  By the time we had finished it, we knew the layout of every hardware store and junkyard within 50 miles by heart.  We learned what holds a variety of materials to aluminum and laminate when it’s warm (hot glue), and what holds them when it’s cold (wire).  We invented a way to make astronaut food using Jello and condoms.  We gave ourselves third-degree spot burns and slashed open our thumbs.

Then it was on to shooting.  With an entirely volunteer cast and crew, donating their time and energy because they believed in the project, it was to take almost another year to complete.  Through three seasons, including a sweltering Vermont summer and a harshly frigid Vermont winter, we filmed three astronauts in a small space capsule as they looked for answers and encountered their deepest selves.

All the while, we never faltered in our belief that this was a story that was meant to be told; that no matter what else the future brought, we would succeed in our singular goal of creating a compelling, artistically successful film from little else but our second-hand tools and the stars in our eyes.

We invite you now to watch our new trailer for Tin Can.  Come with us into the future.


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