First Design

A while back, I posted some of the early designs for our spacecraft that Logan and I created. Just recently I came across another. I believe this is the earliest known schematic draft that was created with this project in mind. I think I made this before I even started writing the screenplay. It’s difficult to say exactly when it was created, however, because the file information is a bit confusing. The “Date Modified” says 9/25/2007, but the “Date Created” says 12/7/2008! Not sure how I managed to modify the file before I created it. Maybe I (will) have a time machine I haven’t invented yet.

Original Cercopes Design

Original Cercopes Design - Click to enlarge

In any case, this rudimentary drawing shows my original compartmentalization of the garage space. In retrospect I realize it’s a pretty inefficient setup, and thankfully we figured out a better way. But it’s interesting to note that, judging from this relic, I started with the concept of an immersive environment (just as we ultimately used) rather than a segmented set, which I was insistent upon for a good long while.

If it sounds like I’m doing archaeology here, that’s mostly because my timeline memory is horrible. I should try to keep a better journal of things on our next production.

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